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Hope Adelaide Inc., with funding from Caritas Australia, is working in partnership with a local non-government organisation called Charity Social Services for Human Development (CSSHD), which is based in Kalaymyo, Sagaing Division.

CSSHD works with its sister organization in Mizoram India, Integrated Voluntary Public Health Education Network (IVPHEN).

In 2014, the two programs came together under the banner of the Integrated Health Network (IHN). A Program Director oversees the Network on both sides of the border, under the direction of the IHN Board. The Board is comprised of representatives of CSSHD and IVPHEN.

IHN has proven to be an excellent example of cross-border cooperation.

The program is working to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS, and the stigma associated with it, through its education programs. It also provides direct assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) by providing counselling, nutrition, home care, help to access anti-retroviral therapy and micro loans.

CSSHD teams are located in Kalaymyo, and in Falam, Hakha, Thantlang, Tedim and Tonzang in Chin State.

Until recently, there was little access to anti-retroviral treatment in Kalaymyo, and no access inside Chin State. Many PLWHA in need of the medications simply went without. Others, with the help of our teams of workers, have been able to travel to Manipur and Mizoram in India to obtain the life-saving treatments.

Since 2014, access to anti-retroviral therapy has improved in the region, and is now more widely available through the ART Centres at Kalaymyo, Hakha and Falam.

burma 3 (515x386).jpg
Clients' meeting in Kalaymyo

art patients home village near kalaymyo (515x386).jpg
Client's home near Kalaymyo

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