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HIV/AIDS in Myanmar key focus for Aung San Suu Kyi, though there's still 'a long way to go'. ABC News. By Katie Silver. Sun 1 Dec 2013. Aside from meeting with politicians and supporters, one of Aung San Suu Kyi's major roles in Australia is to speak today at Melbourne's celebration of World AIDS Day. The democracy activist's commitment to HIV/AIDS is not new. "She's long been committed to this issue," Eamonn Murphy, country coordinator of UNAIDS Myanmar, said. Click here

Be warned: the fight against AIDS is still far from won. Sydney Morning Herald. Saturday November 30, 2013. By Francoise Barre-sinoussi and Sharon Lewin. Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, a time to reflect on, and celebrate, how far we have come in the fight against AIDS - but also to recognise how far we have to go. Click here

Myanmar's Economy Needs Human Rights Reforms. Huffington Post. The Blog. By Matthew Smith. 27 November 2013. After decades of political and economic isolation, Myanmar is making economic strides to address "underdevelopment," and companies, consultants, and cronies are rushing to help realize the dream. But in Myanmar's ethnic states, underdevelopment is not only an economic problem. It's also a human rights problem, and now is the time to address it. Click here

The Chin National Conference and its significance for Myanmar’s peace process. Mizzima News. By Zaceu Lian. 22 November 2013. An historic conference of the Chin people earlier this month brought together more than 500 delegates for the second such gathering of its kind in 65 years. The delegates, representing various political parties, religious organizations, civil society organizations and prominent individuals from around the world, attended a four-day conference that began at Carson Hall in the Chin State capital, Hakha, on November 12. Click here

UN, US Urge Action After Rohingya Boat Accident. By Samantha Michaels. The Irrawaddy. Wednesday, November 6, 2013. Rengoon — The UN agency for refugees has called for action by the Burma government after a boat of about 70 Rohingya Muslims capsized off the coast of Arakan State over the weekend, leaving dozens dead or missing. Click here

MSF slams ‘politicisation’ of aid in Arakan state. Democratic Voice of Burma. 5 November 2013. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has slammed the “politicisation” of humanitarian aid in Burma’s Arakan state, after an outburst of local protests reportedly forced the group to suspend some of its operations. Click here

Nationwide ceasefire, political dialogue appear on the horizon. Democratic Voice of Burma. 5 November 2013 More than a dozen of Burma’s ethnic leaders reached an agreement with a government delegation on Tuesday that all sides would proceed with plans to establish political dialogue and work towards a nationwide ceasefire. Click here

Civil Society and MPs Draft ‘Progressive’ Association Registration Law. By Paul Vrieze. The Irrawaddy. Monday, October 21, 2013. After several months of discussions, Burmese civil society organizations (CSO) and ruling party lawmakers have agreed on a “progressive” draft Association Registration Law, according to CSO representatives. They said the draft law provides simple, voluntary registration procedures for local and international CSOs and contains no restrictions or criminal punishments. The law would form a key piece of legislative reform for the development of Burma’s civil society sector, which for decades remained stifled by a repressive, military junta-era law. Click here

Burmese troops trying to set up base on Indian soil, says New Delhi. Democratic Voice of Burma. 2 September 2013. Concerns were raised in the Indian parliament last week after national media and activist groups reacted strongly to reports that Burmese troops had set up bases on Indian territory. The Assam Rifles have since stepped up border patrols in Manipur along the state’s 398-km border with Burma after reports surfaced that the Burmese army had made intrusions into Indian territory and set up camps near the border town of Moreh, according to a report in Asia News International on Saturday. Click here

First Chin conference in six decades to convene in November. Democratic Voice of Burma. 22 August 2013. By Nang Mya Nadi. A collection of Chin political parties, civil society organisations and an armed group are set to hold the ethnic group’s first conference in six decades later this year. According to the conference’s implementation committee, the gathered groups will focus on reviewing issues concerning politics, economics, and Chin culture ahead of a wider ethnic nationalities conference that is set for next year. Click here

Quintana ‘too rushed’ to meet Chin civic groups. Democratic Voice of Burma. By Naw Noreen. 19 August 2013. During his two-day trip to Chin state, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Tomás Ojea Quintana was too rushed to meet with several Chin civic groups who complained that they did not get the opportunity to present their issues to him. Representatives of the Chin Youth Organization (CYO) said they met with the UN envoy for a short time but that the Argentinian diplomat was too exhausted to properly attend to their requests. Other Chin NGOs, they said, were not permitted an audience with Quintana although such meetings had been arranged in advance. Click here

University students demand respect for human rights in development projects. Chinland Gurdian. Monday, 19 August 2013. By Thawng Zel Thang. Chin students from universities and colleges in Kalay urge Burma's authorities to respect human rights in its development activities in Chin State. In a statement released yesterday, the Chin students said priority must be put on the rights of local communities when dealing with extractions of natural resources in Burma's northwestern state. Click here

Fragile sanctuary. Sydney Morning Herald. August 17, 2013. The woman they call "mother", Cynthia Maung, has been a quiet source of strength for the long-suffering Karen people of Burma. Sharon Bradley meets the Sydney Peace Prize winner. Click here

http://www.irrawaddy.org/burma/csos-mps-draft-progressive-association-registration-law.html Peace Prize winner fights for survival of her health clinic. Sydney Morning Herald. August 17, 2013. The winner of this year's Sydney Peace Prize, to be announced on Saturday, is fighting for the future of her internationally-renowned health clinic based in Thailand after AusAid slashed its funding last month. As famous in Myanmar as her fellow countrywoman Aung San Suu Kyi, Dr Cynthia Maung, 54, has not returned to her homeland since she was forced to flee it, 25 years ago next month, during the great 8888 Uprising. Click here

Parliament Forms Committee to Review Constitution. The Irrawaddy. AAP. Friday, July 26, 2013. Burma’s Parliament on Thursday established a committee to review the country’s Constitution to consider changes that could allow opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to become president. The changes might also allow ethnic minorities increased self-rule. Click here

Australia’s pivot on Burma relations. By Zetty Brake. Democratic Voice of Burma. 11 July 2013. This week Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr is making his second trip to Burma since taking on the country’s top diplomatic role in February last year. … Australia’s foreign policy has shifted significantly since Senator Carr became foreign minister. All sanctions targeting Burma have been lifted and Australia now has a policy of actively encouraging trade and investment in the former pariah nation. Click here

Myanmar: Closing the HIV/AIDS “treatment gap”. Irin News. Yangon, 12 October 2012. Health workers in Myanmar are confident that efforts to narrow the country’s huge gap between access to, and need for, life-saving medicines to treat HIV/AIDS are back on track after the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria invited the country to apply for additional funding. Click here

Myanmar Ethnic Alliance Mulls Constitutional Amendments. Radio Free Asia. 8 July 2013. An alliance of 15 of Myanmar’s ethnic political parties said Monday after its second major meeting in weeks that it will submit to parliament constitutional amendments that give greater rights and representation in government for their minority groups. Click here

Rights groups slam India transport, port project in Myanmar. Thomson Reuters Foundation. Tue, 11 Jun 2013. Human rights groups issued a report on Tuesday criticising a $214 million Indian infrastructure project in western Myanmar as being secretive, excluding local people and threatening the environment and livelihoods of 1.2 million people along its route. There has been little or no public consultation on the project, but there have been forced relocations, land confiscation without adequate compensation, discrimination in hiring workers and destruction of local heritage, the Kaladan Movement, a coalition of rights groups based in India and Myanmar, said in its report. Click here

Thein Sein rejects Suu Kyi's constitutional reform demands. Australian Network News. Saturday June 8 2013. Myanmar's president Thein Sein has rejected a demand from opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to use his influence to open up a pathway for her to take the country's top job. Click here

House Speaker Shwe Mann Airs Presidential Ambitions. The Irrawaddy. Friday June 7 2013. Naypyidaw — Burma’s Lower House Speaker Shwe Mann told The Irrawaddy on Friday that he is interested in succeeding President Thein Sein in 2015. “Yes, I would like to,” Shwe Mann said when asked about the position. However, the chairman of the governing Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) cautioned that any prospective president must first win the backing of Burma’s voters and his or her own party. “That depends first on our party and our people,” he added, referring to his own presidential prospects. Click here

After violent week, Malaysian police detain hundreds of Burmese migrants. Democratic Voice of Burma. AFP. June 6 2013. Malaysian police said Thursday they had detained more than 900 Burmese nationals in a security sweep after at least two were killed last week in clashes believed to be linked to sectarian violence back home. The two dead were likely Burmese Buddhists killed during a spate of violent incidents in Kuala Lumpur since 30 May, said Amar Singh Ishar Singh, the Malaysian capital’s deputy police chief. Click here

Federal System Under Consideration to End Ethnic Conflicts, Minister Concedes. Naypyidaw — Burma is considering adopting a federal system to end the conflicts with the country’s numerous ethnic armed groups, a top government minister said on Thursday. Union Minister Soe Thane cited the federalist system in use in Germany, as a possible model. The Irrawaddy. By Simon Rougheen. Thursday June 6 1023. Click here

Suu Kyi lays out presidential ambitions at economic forum. Democratic Voice of Burma. AFP. June 6 2013. Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Thursday declared her intention to run for president, calling for all of the country’s people to share the fruits of its dramatic reforms. Addressing the World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia in the capital Naypyidaw, the Nobel Peace laureate appealed for the amendment of the military-drafted constitution, which prevents her from leading the country. Click here

Read the latest report from Chin Human Rights Organisation, Threats to our existence: Persecution of ethnic Chin Christians in Burma. Click here

One dead, five injured after second day of rioting in Shan state. Democratic Voice of Burma. AFP. 30 May 2013. Religious riots shook eastern Burma for a second day Wednesday with one man hacked to death and five injured, a top official said, after an orphanage and mosque were burnt down. Police fired warning shots to disperse rioters after Buddhists and Muslims clashed in the town of Lashio in Shan state, according to presidential spokesman Ye Htut. Click here

Waiting for Solace. By Carlos Sardina Galache. April 13, 2013. The Irrawaddy. Two weeks after a wave of anti-Muslim violence engulfed Meikhtila, Mandalay Division—leaving at least 40 dead and 61 injured—more than 12,000 mostly Muslim residents of the city shelter in camps for the displaced. Click here

969: The Strange Numerological Basis for Burma's Religious Violence. Buddhist nationalists have been terrorizing the country's Muslims in recent weeks, and the attacks may get even worse. By Alex Bookbinder April 9 2013. The Atlantic. Click here

Activists launch anti-racism campaign in Burma. By Shwe Aung. 5 April 2013. Democratic Voice of Burma. A group of youth activists began distributing t-shirts and stickers promoting religious harmony in Rangoon and Mandalay on Friday, as part of a grassroots campaign to counter the growing threat of Buddhist extremism in Burma. Click here

Burma Briefing No 19 from Burma Campaign UK. March 2013. An international task force is needed to help tackle growing religious violence in Burma. Read the report here. Click here

'Bullied' Chin refugee children scared to go to school in New Delhi. Twelve Chin refugee boys aged between 7 and 13 refused to continue their study at a government school in fear of bullying in New Delhi, India. 23 March, 2013. Chinland Guardian. Click here

Farmers turn on Suu Kyi over Burma copper mine. By Thomas Fuller. Rangoon. Sydney Morning Herald. March 16, 2013. Hundreds of angry farmers heckled and walked out on Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese politician and Nobel laureate, during a visit on Thursday to villages in central Burma that might be displaced by a copper mine. Click here

India looks to Burma to boost trade with south-east Asia. After years of isolation, India's eastern neighbour is now seen as a link to new markets. Simon Denyer. Washington Post. in Guardian Weekly, 1-7 March 2013. Click here

AIDS breakthrough: Melbourne researchers uncover HIV's genetic hiding place. By Grant McArthur. The Advertiser 4 March 2013. Melbourne researchers have made a breakthrough in the search for an AIDS cure. A team from The Alfred hospital have uncovered HIV's genetic hiding place and found a drug able to wake it up so that it can be destroyed. Click here

Child born with HIV cured by US doctors, the Guardian. March 3 2013. Medical history made with first 'functional cure' of unnamed two-year-old born with the virus but now needing no medication Click here

Indian aid raises concerns in Chin State. Mizzima News. Thursday, 28 February 2013. By Rosie Gogan-Keogh. Concerns have been raised over financial aid provided by the Indian government for development as it will be channeled through the Ministry for Border Affairs. "It is good that India is willing to help develop Chin State,” a Chin community leader and Christian pastor told Chinland Guardian. “What is more important is that their assistance does not end up in the hands that make no benefits to the people.” Click here

Chin National Day offers ray of hope. Mizzima News. Thursday 21 February 2013. Despite grinding poverty and an ongoing food crisis, the ethnic people of Chin State celebrated their national day for the first time in 30 years on February 20. Ceremonies and events were held in state capital Hakha and other towns across the region, as well as in Yangon and Naypyitaw. Click here

FDI Could Worsen Burma’s Ethnic Strife, Forest Loss: Report By Paul Vrieze and Saw Yan Naing. The Irrawaddy. Thursday February 21 2013. The rise in foreign investment in Burma’s resource-rich border regions risks exacerbating ethnic conflict and environmental destruction, according to a new report, which warns that investment in the areas should be well-planned and benefit ethnic communities. Click here

Airport location surveys conducted in Chin State. Chinland Guardian.com. Wednesday January 9 2013. The government of Chin State said the plan to construct a domestic airport in its mountainous state is underway with the first location survey already conducted in Falam Township. Click here

George Soros Gets Down to Business With 88 Generation Leaders. By Lawi Weng. The Irrawaddy. January 9 2013. Billionaire George Soros is back in Burma again, asking human rights activists and ethnic leaders how he can channel his aid to better help the country transition smoothly from decades of military rule. Click here

80 Rohingyas heading for Malaysia detained in Burma. By Aye Nai. Democratic Voice of Burma. January 4 2013. Over 80 Rohingyas, fleeing violence and persecution in Arakan state, were detained by Burmese authorities on Wednesday in a coastal town near the Thai border, after traffickers abandoned them en route to Malaysia. The Rohingyas, including 13 children and eight women, were taken for questioning by police when the boat was discovered at the dock in Tenasserim Division’s Kawthaung town in the southernmost tip of Burma. Click here

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