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Wikileaks: North Korea 'helps Burma with nuclear sites.' Burma may be building missile and nuclear sites in remote locations with support from North Korea, according to secret US cables released by Wikileaks. BBC News Asia-Pacific. 10 December 2010. Click here

Burma's future will depend on a democratic great power. Guess which one. If we want to help Aung San Suu Kyi and the cause of freedom in Burma, we must hope that India rediscovers the spirit of its better self. By Timothy Garton Ash. The Guardian. Wednesday 17 November 2010. Click here

Burma world’s only landmine user. By Agence France-Presse. Democratic Voice of Burma. 25 November 2010. Burma is now the only government still laying landmines after Russia stopped using such weapons, campaigners said Wednesday, noting that 2009 marked the lowest usage of the deadly explosives in a decade. Click here

HIV/AIDS patients can remain at shelter — for now. By Ko Htwe. The Irrawaddy. Friday, November 26, 2010. The residents of a safe house for people living with HIV/AIDS run by Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) won an eviction battle with government authorities on Thursday. Click here

Junta evicts Aids patients after visit by Aung San Suu Kyi. Saturday, 20 November 2010. By Phanida and Ko Wild. Mizzima News. Junta authorities have ordered Aids patients out of one of the National League for Democracy sponsored centres that Aung San Suu Kyi visited on Wednesday and into a government hospital, against their will. Click here

Final election results announced. Thursday 18 November 2010. Democratic Voice of Burma. Click here

Suu Kyi reignites push for ethnic autonomy. By Khin Hnin Htet. Wednesday 17 November 2010. Democratic Voice of Burma. Ethnic leaders have met with released opposition icon Aung San Suu Kyi in a bid to reignite a major push for autonomy for Burma’s myriad ethnic groups. Click here

Aung San Suu Kyi challenges Burma junta to begin journey towards reform. Freed democracy leader wants 'reconciliation' and appears to soften support for west's trade sanctions. Jack Davies, The Guardian, Sunday 14 November 2010. Click here

Suu Kyi Freed at Last. By Ba Kaung. The Irrawaddy, Saturday November 13, 2010. Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was finally released from house arrest in Rangoon at around 5 pm on Saturday. Click here

DKBA seizes Three Pagodas Pass. Tuesday,09 November 2010. Phanida. Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Democratic Karen Buddhist forces are claiming control over Three Pagodas Pass, a strategic border crossing between Burma and Thailand. Click here

Up to 5000 refugees flee into Thailand. By Francis Wade. 8 November 2010. Democratic Voice of Burma. Refugees are pouring across Burma’s border into Thailand after heavy fighting erupted this morning in Myawaddy. Click here

DKBA torch government buildings, By Naw Noreen. 8 November 2010. Democratic Voice of Burma. Fighting along Burma’s border has spread south to Payathonzu and troops from a breakaway Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) say they are razing government property there. Click here

Where the generals rule. By Jack Davies, Burma. The Age, November 6, 2010. Politics, for decades a forbidden topic of conversation, can be talked about now, but the caution of a lifetime dies hard. ... In Burma, one never knows who is listening. Click here

Faintest of hope in Burma election. Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific editor. From: The Australian, November 06, 2010 12:00AM. What is the world doing about the Burma question? Mainly, it has stopped asking it. Click here

Armed ethnic groups denied vote form historic alliance. Wednesday,03 November 2010 By Jai Wan Mai. Chiang Mai (Mizzima) Six major armed ethnic opposition groups have reached a landmark deal to join forces against the Burmese Army. Click here

Activists to attempt elections uprising. by Dan Withers. Democratic Voice of Burma. Published: 4 November 2010. An activist network will attempt to spark a mass uprising against military rule in Burma on Sunday, the day of the country’s first elections in two decades, DVB has learned. Click here

Educated Chin youths fleeing to avoid election in Burma, Saturday,02 October 2010. Khonumthung. Disgusted with the Burmese military junta’s election slated for November 7, which they believe to be a sham and not likely to be free and fair, most educated Chin youths are crossing the border to Mizoram in the northeast state of India to avoid participating. Click here

Rudd concerned about Burma elections. AAP The Age, October 31, 2010. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has branded next month's military-run elections in Burma as unfair. Click here

Burma's sham elections. [The] elections won't be free or fair, and the international community must take action to end the dictatorship in my country. By Waihnin Pwint Thon, The Guardian. Monday 25 October 2010. Click here

Nobel laureate Sen pleads for election scrutiny. Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen pleaded Wednesday for greater global scrutiny on Burma’s upcoming elections, warning the vote could “hugely” set back democracy efforts. Democratic Voice of Burma. By Agence France-Presse. 21 October 2010. Click here

Burma's junta changes national flag as the threes align. Military-ruled Burma has unveiled a new national flag just two weeks before an election that the government calls a major step in a transition to democracy but critics say is a sham. The Age. Saturday October 23, 2010. Click here

Than Shwe’s ‘Final Solution’ for ethnic Burma, Than Shwe has ruled Burma since 1992. By Zoya Phan. (Reuters) Democratic Voice of Burma. 24 September 2010. Click here

Flash flood in Chin Hills sweeps farmer to his death. Mizzima News. Monday, 11 October 2010 by Salai Tun. Click here

Doubts greet Burmese plan to release Suu Kyi. Jack Davies, Bangkok. The Age. Saturday October 2, 2010. Click here

Is there really hope for ethnic candidates in the upcoming Burmese elections? by Kay Latt. The Irrawaddy. Thursday September 23 2010. Click here

Forced labour dashes Rohingya elections hope. By Francis Wade. Democratic Voice of Burma. 30 September 2010. Click here

Heroin Trade Tears Social Fabric of Ethnic Minorities By Marwaan Macan-Markar. Interpress Service News. Wednesday 29 September 2010. Click here

Mass cyber attack paralyses Burmese media. by Francis Wade, Democratic Voice of Burma. 27 September 2010. Click here

Border fence unnecessary, Mizoram authorities say. A fence separating the “brothers” of the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram and Chin State in Burma is unnecessary, state authorities say, amid national government progress on such a barrier in neighbouring Manipur. Mizzima. Thursday, 09 September 2010. Click here

The Unwelcoming Committee. Resentment of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh is giving rise to highly organized and increasingly vocal resistance to their presence. The Irrawaddy, September 2010, vol.18 No.9. Click here

Delhi reduces Indo-Burmese border leeway to 10 miles. Mizzima. September 1 2010. Click here

Mizoram capital deports Burmese, NGO workers. More than 60 migrants and NGO workers were returned to Burma today from the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram, amid a crackdown on illegal migrants, witnesses said. August 31 2010. Mizzima. Click here

Burmese Refugees in Malaysia Receive UN Registration. Irrawaddy News. Tuesday, August 31, 2010. Click here

India: economic growth contrasts with political unrest in a forgotten enclave. Long sheltered by its remote location, the capital of Mizoram state must learn to manage the maelstrom of modern India Tuesday August 31 2010. Guardian Weekly. Click here

Watch some VIDEOs prepared by the Mizzima TV Unit, India.
Burmese struggle to survive in New Delhi. 13 August 2010. Click here
Innocence lost in refugee life. 9 August 2010. Click here
UNHCR: Burmese Refugees In India Doubles Up. 29 July 2010. Click here

Click here to read about our work with Chin Burmese refugees in New Delhi.

Burma sets date for first poll in 20 years. Junta's new laws restrict opposition. The Age, August 14 2010. Click here

New Delhi's shame. India's dealings with Burma. The Irrawaddy, July 28 2010. Click here

Aids study says drugs used for treatment can reduce spread of disease. The Guardian, Sunday 18 July 2010. Click here

Burma - HIV hazard to neighbours, say experts. Interpress Service News Agency, May 02 2010. Click here

Burma's forgotten Chin people suffer abuse. BBC News, Monday April 19 2010. Click here

Change comes to Myanmar, but only on the Junta's terms. New York Times. March 17 2010. Click here

Economic overhaul in Myanmar. Changes happening in the country. VIDEO. New York Times, March 17 2010. Click here

Demonstration in Malaysian camp: 106 Burmese released. Mizzima, Thursday February 25 2010. Click here

Desperately seeking freedom. Burmese on the Thai-Burma border. The Age, January 2 2010. Click here

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