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Burmese Women Delhi is a community-based network which:

- organises monthly interactive meetings among the range of Burmese women's groups in New Delhi, to encourage greater understanding of women's rights, human rights, refugee rights, democracy, health and economic and social development;

- provides advocacy, intervention and support in violence against women in the Delhi Burmese community; and

- works cooperatively with a range of Indian women's groups to improve the situation for Burmese women in New Delhi.

Hope Adelaide provides financial assistance to BWD to help it carry out its programs.

This year, BWD, in conjunction with other non-government organisations, The Other Media and Don Bosco, has run several workshops dealing with sexual harassment and self-defence. Refugee women are particularly vulnerable on the streets of Delhi. In the photo below, the blindfolded woman is acting out the effect that some traditional beliefs have on the rights of women to participate without fear in their personal lives and the community.

workshop at sitapuri 4 (515x386).jpg

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