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We provide some financial assistance to MiVAC – the Mines Victims and Clearance Trust, which helps landmine and cluster bomb survivors, mainly in South East Asia.

MiVAC has recently helped to fund mine clearing in Lao-PDR so that the cleared land can be safely used by the local inhabitants. Clearing land of mines and other unexploded ordnance not only helps with safety of the local men, women and children, but it contributes to peace and food production.

Our contribution was used to clear the grounds of a school in Borikhamxai Province. MiVac contracts Phoenix Clearance Ltd (PCL), a landmine and bomb disposal agency, to rid areas of unexploded ordnance (UXO). Here is what PCL personnel wrote about this project:

Borikhamxai’s Khamhert District has a heavily UXO contaminated school at Kohai Village which has had a recent child death on the grounds and has had 3 others killed nearby. The school grounds and surrounds are littered with UXO, making going to school a potentially life threatening situation. PCL found out about this problem when one of our team passing through the area parked near the school and the teachers came running over clapping their hands and saying “Thank you, thank you. Finally someone has come to deal with the UXO” and were extremely disappointed when told “No, we are just passing through”. The PCL team at the time were so moved by the situation that they gained permission from PCL HQ and that day destroyed some surface UXO in the immediate area, a fraction of what is there!

Kohai School services 4 or 5 villages and has approximately 400 students. The school has never been cleared of sub-surface UXO. The grounds were bulldozed when the school was built, which effectively pushed all the UXO that was on the surface off to the boundary. This has been verified by recent accidents just outside the school fence. There is a genuine fear in the school when the children dig to place their goal posts for soccer or any other activity requiring digging.

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