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In New Delhi, we provide funds to the Chin Women’s Organisation (CWO), which supports women and children who have made their way some 2500 kilometres from Chin State, Burma to the Indian capital, in the hope of getting refugee status with the UNHCR. Their ultimate goal is resettlement in Europe, Canada, the USA or Australia, although this sometimes means a wait of up to eight years once refugee status is granted.


The Weaving Project, which the CWO developed, employed up to 20 women. The women were given backstrap looms and thread and worked from their own premises, making bags, scarves and purses. Chin women are very skilful weavers, many of them learning the traditional designs from an early age. We no longer provide funds to this project, but the weavers are still working and finding other markets for their products.

Hope Adelaide still has some of the weaving products for sale. All the money from sales now goes back into other projects run by the Chin women in New Delhi.

Here are the weavers at work:






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